What is your style and approach on the day, how do you work?

My style is simple – Informal and relaxed – to tell the story unfolding in front of me – real connections with real couples. I try to avoid stereotypes, capture personality, emotions and show the uniqueness of every person and atmosphere of each wedding.  My style is authentic, creative and relaxed.

I work in a relaxed unobtrusive way, I don’t run around telling people what to do. I am in the moment and organised at the same time. The best to describe how I work I would like to use one of my bride’s words:

“Sasha has a great ability being at the right place at the right time. She is an artist in capturing the feeling of moments perfectly. Sasha is professional, friendly and approachable.”

It is liberating capturing real life.

And that is why I love my job so much. I am a full time wedding photographer and this is what I do best.

Don’t worry if you are camera shy, I can help you relax in front of the camera and as the day unfolds you will get used to my unobtrusive presence.

It’s a very special day and I know capturing a wedding is a huge responsibility. Every wedding is completely different, every couple is unique.  I really enjoy being there to capture their day and I don’t like being in the way. You won’t find me running around telling people what to do, I observe and am there where emotion happens.

I know the story is there, all the beauty and excitement, all the characters and the details. It will be beautiful, people will be relaxed with me around, I don’t have to tell them what to do, where to look. I watch the story unfold and try to capture every bit of it.

I’m good at telling stories – in images – and there’s nothing I like more. I don’t need to do much, the stories are already there,  all I need to do is capture them and put them together.


Do you take group shots on the day?

I do some group shots on the day, in a very informal and relaxed way, not spending too much time on this, I suggest my couples to make up to about 6-8 combinations so the newlyweds could have good quality time with friends and family and I have time to capture lots of natural moments of the day, making sure I don’t miss any fun that’s going on.


Do you do video?

I do stop motion which is not a video but a very unique way of documenting a wedding day or any event. It’s fresh, modern and authentic. Please see Stop Motion here.


What is the deposit to secure our date of the wedding?

The deposit is £590 and the rest of the payment can be paid up to 3 days after the wedding.


Do you travel all around the UK?

I do travel all around the UK and charge extra for travel from £60.


Do you do destination weddings?

Yes, mostly Ibiza and France but I am happy to travel anywhere in the world for weddings.


Do you need a pre-wedding venue visit?

Thinking that knowing a venue well would be an advantage but it’s not exactly true, I actually prefer not to have any preconceived ideas about how I might work on the day because doing so impacts on my creativity. I am at my best when working spontaneously and am able to assess the situation/location/light on the day.

Relying on my experience, having the correct equipment to work in any given circumstances and checking out possible locations on the day, with the light in mind, means that I really don’t need to do a venue visit before the day and it doesn’t matter if I’ve seen your venue before the wedding day.

That said if you do still want to book a venue visit you can add a weekday visit for £200 plus travel costs. London venue visits are free of charge (as long as this is where the meeting is held).


Are you insured?

Yes, as a professional photographer I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance up to 2 million, as well as insurance for all my equipment.


How long does it take to receive our images and an online gallery?

The photos will be ready in 8-10 weeks and an online gallery link will be sent to you as soon as you receive your usb with photos.