Informal & Relaxed Wedding Photography

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Informal & Relaxed Wedding Photography


Why choose an informal & relaxed wedding photographer for your big day.


Every wedding photographer has their own unique style of shooting. Photographer’s style is not just in the look of the photographs, but also the approach to capturing them. While there are many styles out there it’s important to go with a wedding photographer who has a style and approach to the day that you feel is totally you.

And choosing an informal wedding photographer for your day means that the photographer won’t take too much of your time on the day and will capture your wedding in the most relaxed way possible and with a lot of wonderful images of your day as it happened.

It is a known fact that traditional photographers would get couples and families and friends stand around for hours to get the perfect group shot and I honestly find this time consuming and instead you could be having fun and greeting everyone. Time goes fast at weddings. This is one thing you will hear from everyone who got married. It goes fast for me, too. I want capture natural, fun and informal wedding photography. I strive to create timeless photos that you will cherish for years to come.

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It’s liberating capturing real life. I am a full-time wedding photographer and this is what I do best. I do get a lot of couples who don’t like posing for the camera and I know capturing a moment is far more significant. People are relaxed around me, I don’t tell them what to do or pose into awkward poses. As the day unfolds you will get used to me and my unobtrusive presence. You will act natural around me. 

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I’m an informal wedding photographer and an adventurer who is passionate about capturing weddings in London, Kent, Surrey and beyond. Pretty much all around the UK and Worldwide. I am also a destination wedding photographer and love nothing more. I am someone easy to talk to, people are comfortable around me and I am comfortable around people. I truly adore what I do, I love my small business that I’ve created from scratch. I strive to create timeless photos that you will cherish for years to come. Photos that bring emotion and time travel, photos that are personal to you. I love giving meaning to my business by creating something special for others. That makes my job valuable and in a big way fulfilled life. Every wedding I take is exciting for me, I can’t wait to make my couples’ day captured so they remember their day as it happened. I produce creative, relaxed and informal wedding photography.


I am an alternative, relaxed & informal wedding photographer in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hertfordshire, all around the UK and Worldwide.


My approach to wedding photography is pretty relaxed and informal. I prefer to document the day as it happens and I don’t like being in the way. I will still capture all the little details that you’ve created or planned, the family photographs and of course beautiful portraits of you having fun in the most natural way possible. I won’t be making everyone standing around all day waiting to have their photo taken. Your wedding is to spent with your family and friends and time goes fast, I understand that is very important. As well as capturing all the big moments of the day, I’m always looking for the small things. Things that might not even be noticed, but will create the most amazing memory for you. I love staying until the party and capture fun dancing shots.

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Your wedding might take place in a beautiful barn or a festival field. You may be planning a relaxed and informal garden party or a stylish urban city wedding. Maybe it’s going to be a stunning woodland wedding or an intimate destination wedding. Whatever your plans I would love to hear all about your wedding. I’d be thrilled to be your wedding photographer.


London Wedding Photographer capturing natural, relaxed, informal wedding photography across the UK and a destination wedding photographer.


Are you looking for an informal relaxed wedding photographer for your big day? Please contact me regarding your wedding, tell me a little about your day. I will be delighted to hear your ideas.

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