London Wedding – Katie & Michael

Alternative Wedding Photography at the Trinity Buoy Wharf in London – Katie & Michael

This London wedding illustrates perfectly the variation that London has to offer for weddings and those wanting to celebrate in this city. For some, it may be a luxury hotel, others an urban warehouse in East London. This venue is a little hidden gem that I feel so lucky to share, Trinity Buoy Wharf. Katie & Michael had the most wonderful alternative London wedding. Photography as usual, full of love, fun and laughter. This urban wedding will make you smile :) Katie & Michael couldn’t choose a better day for their wedding, it was sunny and warm, not too hot. Thumbs up for London weddings.

Bride putting shoes on Getting ready alternative-wedding-photographer-london 4 Getting ready Bride in tears Bridesmaids joking around Wedding bouquet Buttonhole Father bride first look Father hugs daughter Father in tears Help with buttonhole alternative-wedding-photographer-london 18 Bride, cab, champagne Bride champagne Wedding bouquet Bride in the Cab Bride and father Groom waiting Groom waiting Groom an guests Trinity Buoy Wharf decorated Groom and best man Flower girls Bride arriving alternative-wedding-photographer-london 38 Groom first look alternative-wedding-photographer-london 41 Groom hugs brides father alternative-wedding-photographer-london 43 Ceremony Bride crying Beautiful ceremony alternative-wedding-photographer-london 48 Bride groom laughing Trinity Buoy Wharf ceremony alternative-wedding-photographer-london 51 Groom looking at bride Happy bride ceremony Putting rings on Bride groom laughing alternative-wedding-photographer-london 60 The kiss Guests in tears Happy bridesmaids Newlyweds leaving alternative-wedding-photographer-london 65 Confetti Confetti Throwing confetti Fun confetti Laughing bride Cab Driver Trinity Buoy Wharf outdoor shot Bar alternative-wedding-photographer-london Wedding venue alternative-wedding-photographer-london 78 Children playing Children playing alternative-wedding-photographer-london 85 Wedding guests alternative-wedding-photographer-london 92 The O2 London alternative-wedding-photographer-london 89 Guests having a great time Guests having a great time alternative-wedding-photographer-london 94 Couple on the boat Guests having a great time alternative-wedding-photographer-london 98 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 99 Guest laughing alternative-wedding-photographer-london 101 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 102 Group shot of guests alternative-wedding-photographer-london 104 Guests drinking alternative-wedding-photographer-london 107 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 108 River Thames Wedding table decor Wedding table decor Wedding table decor alternative-wedding-photographer-london 113 Wedding decor Wedding cake alternative-wedding-photographer-london 116 Flower decor alternative-wedding-photographer-london 118 Wedding drinks Bride in the lighthouse alternative-wedding-photographer-london 121 Bride groom in the lighthouse Alternative Wedding Photography London - Trinity Buoy Wharf Kiss in the lighthouse Alternative Wedding Photography London - Trinity Buoy Wharf Couple in the lighthouse Alternative Wedding Photography London - Trinity Buoy Wharf alternative-wedding-photographer-london 128 The O2 London alternative-wedding-photographer-london 131 Couple and warehouse Newlyweds laughing Alternative Wedding Photography London - Trinity Buoy Wharf Kiss Alternative Wedding Photography London - Trinity Buoy Wharf Alternative Wedding Photography London - Trinity Buoy Wharf Couple and a boat Alternative Wedding Photography London - Trinity Buoy Wharf alternative-wedding-photographer-london 140 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 142 Couple, cab, O2 Little girl found Easter eggs Bride and bridesmaids having fun Bride and bridesmaids having fun Bride and the boys Groom and groomsmen Laughter and fun Lots of laughs alternative-wedding-photographer-london 154 Fun wedding shot Friends and fun Wedding couple on the cab Friends group shot alternative-wedding-photographer-london 160 Reception room alternative-wedding-photographer-london 162 Wedding cake Easter egg alternative-wedding-photographer-london 165 Fathers speech alternative-wedding-photographer-london 167 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 177 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 178 Kiss alternative-wedding-photographer-london 180 Trinity Buoy Wharf alternative-wedding-photographer-london 182 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 183 Dance moves alternative-wedding-photographer-london 185 Fun beer shot alternative-wedding-photographer-london 187 First dance First Dance alternative-wedding-photographer-london 192 First Dance Kiss Romantic first dance alternative-wedding-photographer-london 198 Singing and dancing Singing Bride hugging father alternative-wedding-photographer-london 203 Bride having fun Bride loving dancing Very happy bride alternative-wedding-photographer-london 207 All guests dance Guests dancing Happy dancing alternative-wedding-photographer-london 211 The band alternative-wedding-photographer-london 213 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 214 Happy bride alternative-wedding-photographer-london 216 Martini drink Bride hugging friend alternative-wedding-photographer-london 219 Bride enjoying music alternative-wedding-photographer-london 221 Dancing queen alternative-wedding-photographer-london 223 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 224 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 225 Beautiful girl dancing alternative-wedding-photographer-london 227 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 228 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 230 Wedding band Wedding singer alternative-wedding-photographer-london 235 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 236 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 237 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 238 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 239 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 240 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 241 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 243 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 244 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 245 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 246 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 247 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 248 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 249 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 250 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 251 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 252 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 253 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 254 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 255 alternative-wedding-photographer-london 257 alternative-wedding-photographer-london-trinity-buoy-wharf

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